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Top 5 Life-Saving Copywriting Tools in 2021

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A great copywriter is clear, concise, and speaks to a specific audience. As a copywriter, you have the power to build trust and influence people to take action. But it does take some creativity. In this post, I’ve put together a list of the top copywriting tools that will increase the quality of your work.


Hemmingway has helped make my writing clearer by eliminating the unnecessary. It’s is an invaluable resource for all writers. You have a choice between a free web-based or a paid desktop version.

Price: Free Web-based | $19.99 Desktop


WordTune’s AI analyzes your copy and provides effective variations. The Premium version allows you to select formal or casual tones as well as shorten or expand your copy.

Price: Free Basic | $9.99/mo Premium


Test the readability of your copy by entering its URL or pasting your copy in the editor window. You’ll get a readability score and also a text stat breakdown.

Price: Free

Headline Analyzer

Do you ever rack your brain trying to come up with a good headline? The Headline Analyzer scans headlines and guides you to make them more compelling. And it recently added new SEO features!

Price: Free Limited Basic | $9/mo @29/mo $49/mo Premium Tiers

Character Counter

The key to good copywriting is keeping it short and sweet. Paste your copy into the character counter and get character, word, and white space counts.

Using all of these tools on a regular basis has not only improved my quality of writing, but also my confidence as a writer in general.

Price: Free

No matter what copywriting tools you use, the more you write the better writer you will become over time.

Price: Priceless

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