The Studio Director

Web Design / Web Development


  • Site migration from Hubspot to WordPress
  • Redesign Blog and establish clear brand messaging and software detail
  • Create an immersive experience using the WordPress CMS platform.


The Studio Director website was initially developed within Hubspot. The customer wished to not renew their Hubspot subscription . Thus, an alternate platform needed to be found to host The Studio Director website.

Certain aspects of the website required an overhaul. The blog required restyling. The archives section did not contain a search feature or pagination where readers could navigate content. Blog newsletter subscriptions were also managed from Hubspot as well. An alternate solution to manage blog subscribers also needed to be created.

laptop displaying a website
product features web page
cheerleading web page


Content Review

All website data including web pages, landing pages, forms, images, and subscriber lists are reviewed by the marketing team. Any irrelevant content is archived and not part of the migration process. Media items and subscriber lists are exported from Hubspot. Blog post data is exported from Hubspot and imported into the new WordPress instance.

Website Development​

Website development within WordPress. Custom landing pages using Gravity Forms. Form fields linked to Salesforce for lead tracking. Blog newsletter subscription. Google Tag Manager integration. Custom webhooks implementation which sends customer login credentials for The Studio Director software trials.

Blog Redesign​

A custom template was designed for the blog articles section as well as a template for the individual articles. A search feature was implemented which redirects readers to a custom search page displaying their results. Blog subscriptions are handled by the Newsletter plugin which automatically enrolls subscribers to receive the latest e-newsletters.

Lead Tracking​

All form data is transmitted into the company’s Salesforce instance for lead tracking. The form submissions will create a new lead record if an account does not exist or update an existing account record if found. Forms are configured to validate records by auto-assigned id numbers and/or email.



Increase in overall site performance.


Increase in newsletter subscribers during the first month.


Increase in lead acquisition during the first month.


The customer not only has a site that is fully responsive, but a user-friendly CMS platform in which they can upload new blog content which automatically informs subscribers of their latest news and events. Users can register for free product trials and receive immediate access to the web-based software. 

Readers can easily browse blog articles, search for specific content, and subscribe to the studio newsletter. Upon subscribing, readers receive an instant confirmation notification and are then automatically scheduled to receive the latest article notifications via e-newsletter.

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