Web Design / Web Development


  • Improve the website architecture and provide a more minimal experience with clear messaging.
  • Use brand colors, new image design, and a new icon library to tell a cohesive brand story.
  • Create an immersive experience using the WordPress CMS platform.



SalonBiz is a popular business management software company known for solving real-world challenges faced by many salons. While they offer software solutions, they have struggled in finding the right ways to offer clear and direct messaging.

The website redesign project was a challenge. The marketing team I worked with requested the site design and development before the creation of any content. It’s always difficult to properly convey a brand’s story without knowing the content. And so I had to switch gears a bit.

Knowing one of SalonBiz’s obstacles was in properly conveying their message, I decided to provide a clean, grid-based design, and use their brand colors to help convey their message; black to evoke sophistication and trust and red to evoke excitement and prompt action.

website sitemap
three website screen wireframes
three website screen panels


Style Concepts

The redesigned SalonBiz site would also include a change within the font system. Shifting from Bebas Neue to Nunito Sans for all title tags would help with the cleaner, modern site aesthetic and be more closely related to the brand wordmark as well.

The goal was to provide a clear technological message with brand transparency. Switching to a more breathable font and using their color palette in a more deliberate manner would help display their message in a visually clean and consistent manner.


Bringing It Home

The revitalized SalonBiz site feels much more cohesive, elegant, and has a clear focus on its technological offerings. The content provided by the client is designed to provide a more engaging user experience and drive conversions.

The SalonBiz site also ties in the company’s Instagram feed in order to promote more social engagement and bring together the community of salon technology customers.

website displayed on multiple devices

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