Recipe App

UI Design


  • Research
  • UI design + Iterations

The research process

I started this project by researching both recipe and social media apps. My goal was to see features both were using that produced pleasant experiences, caused frustration, and felt extraneous. 



I set out to create a recipe app that offered all the features that were important to accomplish the task of researching meals, finding inspiration, and also develop a routine for the weekly meal planning.

mobile recipe app wireframes
mobile recipe app wireframes
mockup screens for a mobile recipe app showing search, favorites, and shopping list


The Final Concept

The color palette was created by pulling colors from various cuisine stock photos. I removed the backgrounds from all images and applied the relevant colors to the background for each dish. I also chose the web safe sans-serif Poppins font for both title and text.

Each user has a unique profile and is greeted with a meal-of-the-day selection based on dietary preferences. They are also able to create weekly dietary plans, bookmark their favorite recipes, and create shopping lists for necessary items.

recipe app and weekly meal plan screens

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