Poster Design

Promotional Campaigns / Posters

The majority of my poster design is influenced by Swiss design and Bauhaus.  Being able to convey a powerful message through bold colors, contrast, strong typography, and a less is more approach is why I thoroughly enjoy designing these promotional campaigns. And even more, my clients love the look, feel, and impactful messaging.

Swiss poster design
Blue and white geometric patterns above the words Lernen Deutschland
black and white poster of a woman in a yoga pose on her back with her legs in the air. the word Sadhana written in white on the left side
a row of purple and pink circles above the word Focus
black and white geometric shapes the word Geometry in bold text underneath
cropped polaroid photo against a pink background
german ad for hormonal yoga
silhouette of a woman in a dress with one leg up in the airleaning up against a man's chest
for columns and rows of geometric shapes in pink, blue, and white colors

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