Web Design


  • Design a website for a holistic health coach.
  • The site should contain blog and events calendar pages.
  • Design an onboarding process which answers questions clients may have about services.



I began this project by researching health coaching and learning as much as I could about the services they offer. 

My goal was to establish an informative flow within a five-page website structure which included the main page, profile, blog, article, and events page.

a website wireframe
teal color logo jenny health written under two overlapping leaves
website screens against a teal background


Style Concepts

The site’s main color palette consists of turquoise and black shades. Background colors for some meal images are pulled from existing colors within the dishes for balance. for each dish. The fonts Montserrat and Open Sans were selected for the title tags and body respectively due to their digital readability.

When visiting the site, you’re greeted with a welcome from the health coach and then eased into learning about why you would want to hire a health coach and what benefits you will receive.

You’re then introduced to learning more by accessing the workshop section and reading blog articles designed to keep you informed on healthy dietary practices, exercise routines, and mental health.

health coaching website screen showing health benefits


Bringing it home

The JennyHealth website is currently in development.
More updates to come soon!

macbook on kitchen table with food

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