Healthy Balance

Naming / Branding

Healthy Balance is a brand identity design project for a yoga and wellness center. 

The clean branding and soft colors are designed to exude a sense of calm and peace. Letting go in order to be able to receive is the overall message of the brand.

healthy balance logomark
healthy balance wellness wordmark
fitness apparel, weights, and water bottle
pattern of mountains in shades of blue and purple
view from the waist down of someone entering a building holding a white canvas bag displaying the healthy balance logo
back view of a cell phone case displaying a vertical mountain pattern in shades of purple and blue
healthy balance logo and pattern on two white pillows
a woman's cropped hands underneath each other holding a coffee mug
three stacked business cards with the healthy balance logo and pattern
adult and child wearing healthy balance t-shirts
a boy and girl standing side by side arm in arm
stationary on a table surrounded by lemons and ribbon

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