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1-Hour Creative Business Coaching​

Guidance for building a healthy and sustainable foundation to grow your business.​


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Why do you need a coach?

Building a creative business is a significant milestone in life. In the beginning, there’s an amazing amount of excitement. Yet, without proper planning, this can be followed by frustration, disheartening and financial hardship due to difficulty in attracting clients. This resonates in my soul because I’ve lived it. And I don’t wish it upon anyone. That’s where creative business coaching comes in.

What's covered

We’ll discuss your target audience; how to develop a genuine message that resonates with them and how to nurture that relationship in order to establish confidence and loyalty.

Then we’ll go through content development and leveraging the right social media platforms in order to build partnerships and help your audience find you.

Finally, we’ll cover your business infrastructure: how to maximize your sales channels, and optimize your daily operations. This includes implementing automations to streamline your workflow. We’ll also go over a plan of action to apply mindful practices for the health and sustainability of both you and your business.

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How it works

Step 1

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation where we’ll meet to get to know each other and learn about your business.

Step 2

I’ll research the best strategies for your business and put together a plan specifically tailored for your needs.

Step 3

We’ll schedule your 1 on 1 consultation session where we will discuss strategies to help you grow your business.

Ready to grow your business?

Schedule today to build a healthy tomorrow.