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Hi I’m Alex, your new design partner.

Having a well-defined brand strategy, cohesive brand identity, and compelling message are essential brand elements that impact success. However, managing these components can be daunting when they’re not your areas of expertise. My mission is to help you overcome your brand challenges through intuitiveness, compassion, and creative expertise.



Starting A New Adventure

You're an entrepreneur or new business who needs to establish a brand strategy and/or brand identity.

Overcoming Challenges

You've started branding a business on your own and have run into roadblocks and frustrations.

In Need of Redesign

You have an established business in need of brand identity and website refresh.

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Starting a Business?

When starting any business, it's important to ask yourself several key questions when it comes to your philosophy, communication, and objectives.

In this FREE comprehensive guide, you will find questions you'll want to ask yourself as you begin the evolution of your brand.
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Why Choose an Independent Designer Over an Agency?​

Cost Efficiency

An independent designer will often have lower rates than agencies. There's much less overhead. If you're a smaller business, an independent will be better suited for your budget.

Direct Communication

Items can fall through cracks when you have to speak through account managers who then relay information to creatives. Having a direct channel provides clarity and also prevents confusion and delay.

Relational Business

Agencies often are transactional as they don't have the time to invest in cultivating deeper relationships with their clients like independents have. Your brand is as much as a personal investment for us as for you.

Compassionate Collaboration

Because independents are dedicated to relational business, it opens the door for more purposeful collaboration with clients. We will go that extra mile for you because you're not just a job for us.


Let's Get Growing!

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