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With Mindfulness

Having a well-defined brand strategy, cohesive brand identity, and compelling message are essential brand elements that impact success. However, managing these components can be daunting when they’re not your areas of expertise.

My mission is to help you develop mindful routines and empower you to overcome your brand challenges through intuitiveness, compassion, and creativity.

Together, we’ll build a foundation for your brand and set healthy habits to manage your life as an entrepreneur.


Starting A New Adventure

You're an entrepreneur or new business and are searching to build a mindful brand.

Overcoming Challenges

You've started a business on your own and have run into roadblocks, frustrations and are feeling some stress.

Incorporating Mindfulness

You have an established brand and are searching to develop healthier routines in order to manage your day-to-day business tasks.

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Strategy and Design

Education and Coaching

Resources and Tools


My name is Alex Corvin. I’m a designer, illustrator, and mindfulness coach for fellow creative entrepreneurs.

Through knowledge, experience, and intuition, I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while providing guidance in developing healthy daily routines.

In my process, I get to know business owners in order to understand their values, motivations, goals, successes, and missteps. In understanding their journeys, I’m able to see where they have been and where they want to go.

As a result, I can envision what I can do to walk alongside them for a while, give them the tools to help them get where they need to be, and send them on their way to greater successes and celebrations.

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Brands I've worked with

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